Who we are

Margarita Fontanet & Co. was born with the purpose of transferring psychological astrology not only to personal growth but also to the business and educational world in order to improve work and academic performance both individually and collectively through our MFF CONSULTING METHOD.

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I love studying, learning and feeling that every day a new opportunity opens up in front of me. I am passionate about life, freedom and human knowledge.

Our team is made up of a group of experts who, with their highly qualified training, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment, provide Margarita Fontanet & Co. with the vision, drive and enthusiasm necessary to help achieve the short and long-term goals in life of every person who sets out to do so.

MARGARITA FONTANET is the founder and director of the cabinet. After a career of more than 20 years in the business world in the financial and general management areas, she began a path of self-knowledge that led her to discover psychological astrology as a key tool to change the course of her life both personally and professionally. His curriculum stands out for his extensive academic, complementary and professional training, which provides him with an exhaustive knowledge of the business world, the people who make it up and the educational world.

The values

of our team

We believe in


as a formula to be and feel free.

We believe in


of our acts towards ourselves and the world.

We believe in


to establish solid and lasting relationships.

We believe in


as a form of relationship both among ourselves and with our clients.

Our commitment

to the needy

Part of the benefits will go to HUMANITARIAN CAUSES and to a greater extent to those affecting children who live or have lived in situations of social exclusion, poverty and abuse of all kinds and also to women who have suffered any kind of mistreatment, violence, sexual abuse so that they can recover their self-esteem, strength and dignity that have been taken away from them.

Some quotes from famous people

about Astrology

The famous physicist Newton was practicing astrology and at a meeting he was rebuked by another physicist who was trying to put him on the spot, but NEWTON calmly replied:

I am not going to discuss astrology with you for the simple reason that I understand the subject and you do not.


We are born at a certain time, in a certain place, and like the wine of a good year, we carry within us the quality of that year and the season. That is what astrology claims, nothing more, nothing less.


Everything that happens in heaven is felt in nature and on earth.

Johannes Kepler

Astrology is the oldest and most respected science in the past by the great and wise. No king has made peace or war, no general has won a battle, in short, no important decision has been made without consulting an astrologer.

Benjamin Franklin

A doctor without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself that.


The stars in the sky play the music and we have ears to hear it.


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