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Do you want to find the perfect candidate that best fits your professional needs?

With our innovative tool, you will be able to calculate the professional profile for anyone in an automated way.

Through our MFF CONSULTING method we have developed software that integrates all our interpretation mechanisms, knowledge and know-how with a series of equations and algorithms programmed by our team in order to immediately create detailed reports of professional profiles.

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* (The time of birth can be easily obtained by requesting the birth certificate in the Civil Registry online).

Exhaustive analysis

Discover the innate qualities and aptitudes of each candidate

Thanks to our knowledge and our method we obtain reliability and correct answers in the selection process for the requested position since, with our exhaustive analysis, you will be able to discover the innate qualities and aptitudes of each candidate, their basic temperament, their motivations, their way of facing challenges and changes, their fears, their behavioral patterns and the traits that define the individual as a professional (if they prefer to work as a team or individually, if their profile is technical or creative, if they have leadership qualities, if they prioritize stability and security in their professional career or they prefer to take risks, etc.).

To create the report, it is required only the following data of the person (date, time and place of birth) * and in less than 30 seconds you will obtain a detailed and complete report with the professional profile of the individual.

Customized package

Customized package for big corporations please contact us.