Advice, Consultancy and Mentoring

with Psychological Astrology

At Margarita Fontanet & Co. we help achieve the short and long-term goals in life of every person who sets out to do so.

I love studying, learning and feeling that every day a new opportunity opens up in front of me. I am passionate about life, freedom and human knowledge.

Services MFF Consulting

Our MFF Consulting method
applied to all our services.

Personal development

We accompany each person in a process for a better understanding of their life, their human potential and self-knowledge.


We analyze in depth human behavior at the conscious and unconscious level in order to improve the educational and personal performance of each child.


Our proposal is based on improving the performance at work and personal level of each of the members of your company.

Herramientas y Consultas Online

Margarita Fontanet & Co.

Margarita Fontanet & Co. was born with the purpose of transferring psychological astrology not only to personal growth but also to the business and educational world in order to improve work and academic performance both individually and collectively through our MFF CONSULTING METHOD.

Our commitment to the needy

Part of the benefits will go to HUMANITARIAN CAUSES.